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Beckman Auditorium interior
Beckman Auditorium, opened in 1964, still shines today.

For nearly 60 years, Caltech's public events program has been bringing members of the greater Los Angeles community together, to connect with Caltech and interact with each other.

The program serves as a gateway to world-class scientists, artists, and speakers, making Caltech one of Southern California's acknowledged cultural centers. Science lectures, performing arts, folk music, chamber music—Caltech Events offers world-class events at multiple locations on campus.

Caltech enjoys a unique relationship with the community of Pasadena and surrounding cities. As part of its commitment to being an active institutional citizen, Caltech provides multiple outreach programs that benefit students, educators, community partners, local businesses, local government, and campus neighbors. Each collaboration Caltech undertakes with community members is driven by the individual engagement of participants from Caltech. Their personal passion is the key ingredient to the history and traditions that distinguish Caltech's presence in the community.

Events featured on this site are those which are open to the public and sponsored or co-coordinated by the Caltech Office of Strategic Communications. For a full listing of campus events, visit the Caltech Institute Calendar on the main Caltech website.